Is Your Spirit Guide Trying To Contact You?

thUpon birth (some say at time of conception), each one of us has a guardian angel watching, protecting and guiding. We are also accompanied by a main spirit guide. Furthermore, as with angels, the number of available guides that can help you throughout this lifetime is endless. As an individual succeeds in expanding their consciousness and raising their vibration, that number rises to any amount that they care to connect with. Unlike angels, spirit guides have lived many lives (the majority that is) and with that comes great experience and wisdom. Our spirit guides have great unconditional love for us. Their sole mission is to guide us towards staying on our life path, assisting us in growing our soul and help us fulfill our life’s purpose. Pretty amazing really. It’s like having your own personal assistant, a best friend that is always there, someone that will always have your back and best interest, above all else.  thVGUFKV2U

Unlike angels, who are on a Divine assignment from God to serve us around the clock, from the beginning to the end of our lives, and to influence us every day (whether we’re aware or not) spirit guides, although available, can’t serve or direct us without our permission. They can (and often times do) succeed in catching our attention and getting us to ask for their help, but they must respect that it’s our life and they can’t enter without an invitation.

Signs your spirit guide is trying to communicate with you…

  • Synchronicity in numbers; Many times spirit guides will send you the same pattern of numbers for you to see –  btw, this is not at all limited to just seeing 11:11. If you keep seeing the same pattern of numbers, this is likely a sign from your guide. They are letting you know your vibration is high, you are on the right path and they are here to help.
  • Whisper your name; You will hear your name spoken in your inner ear, not outer. This one is very common and if like me, you may even brush it off the first time it happens. I simply turned my head, looked, and took it for my imagination. Nope, you’re not imagining things or going crazy…this is spirit trying to get your attention.
  • Random touch: Usually occurs at night. This is because your vibration is high and the white noise of the day is calm. Just as the whispering of your name, this too is subtle, easy to miss and ignore. You may feel a poke on your shoulder or a soft brush go across your face. The first couple times I felt this, before recognizing it for what it was, I literally jumped out of bed thinking it was a bug! No bugs, just spirit saying hello. 😉
  • Random thought; A thought from spirit is unlike that of your own. The best way to decipher the difference between your own and spirit; thoughts from spirit just pop in, where your own have a train of thought. Also, thoughts from spirit will often lead to a shift in direction… This can be major shifts or minor. All of a sudden you think of taking a different route, calling someone, or going to the store, etc.. Have you ever headed out and thought…Oh yes, I almost forgot…- Yep, majority of the time that’s your trusty guide reminding you.
  • Send people into your life; Your spirit guide will send people into your life when and if needed. This will create a shift in direction pertaining to your life path or bring clarity where needed. – this is always for your highest and greatest good.
  • Have you been having a strong desire to learn more about communicating with your spirit guide? Well, that’s another sign that your spirit guide has been trying to communicate.

The spirit world vibrates at an entirely different level from the physical world – it can’t be registered by the eye, but is rather felt and experienced by the mind. When you start to exercise your awareness, pay close attention, and acknowledging the unique energies surrounding you, it will become surprisingly easy in no time.

Spirit guides come from a place of love, Divine light and would never do anything to cause you to feel fearful. If you have experienced any of the above and felt afraid, pain or negative feelings/energy…this is not your spirit guide and a clearing should be completed.


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