The Condemnation of Spiritual Gifts & Divination


Most people whose faith depends on biblical scripture believe spiritual practices that include forms of divination are a sin condemned by God. Fundamentalists claim that astrologers and diviners are agents of the devil leading the weak to eternal damnation, destined to forever burn in the firing pits of hell. They selectively quote the Bible to back up their condemnation of divination systems and heightened gifts —many of which were accorded high respect within the same Bible. Fundamentalists ignore the fact that the Bible, even after extensive early editing, still contains numerous verses that show God approving the use of divination as a way to decipher His will and make enlightened decisions. There are more verses for divination than against it. Fundamentalists rely on narrow interpretations of an ancient text that has been translated many times, that includes words and concepts no longer spoken or understood. Rational people will have a healthy skepticism and in the final analysis, should trust their own intuition about how to interpret ancient scriptures and what beliefs to base them on. In fact, if you research the history of the bible and various religions you might be surprised at what you learn… I sure was. religion-and-spirituality-iyanla-quote

What I find especially ironic is organized religion’s condemnation of intuitive gifts, considering that the Bible itself is considered a channeled work. Is it not? – transcribed by authors through what St. Paul later defined as “the gift of prophecy,” which was available to all who believed in orthodox doctrine. It is an article of faith in scripture’s authority that God spoke through prophets, who received His message using what we now call channeling, a freeform psychic version of divination.

Don’t misunderstand. It’s not my intent to completely hammer organized religion. After all, if it brings people closer to spirit… However, I find out of roughly 4,200 religions worldwide, the thinking that one religion (your religion) is the absolute is pompous and a bit naïve.


I grew up in a strong Christian home. Well into my late teens my Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings were spent at our local Pentecostal church and throughout the years Mom held her women’s weekly bible study. If your not familiar with the Pentecostal faith, it’s reasonable to say that Pentecostalism is a sub-branch of the Baptist. However, there are a few major differences.

Pentecostal; The emphasis is on the Holy Spirit and his gifts, Speaking in tongues is real, Disciples have direct access to God and the Holy Spirit Source. Pentecostals believe that the holy spirit gives prayers/true believers/followers a number of “gifts”… such as the gift of prophecy and speaking in tongues – a language unknown to him/her, also known as the heavenly language or of the angels. Many times once a person has spoken in tongues it is then followed by another giving its interpretation for all to understand. This is believed a message directly from the holy spirit – gifts? Speaking in tongues?  Hmm, this sounds a bit familiar, similar (Yep, back to that in just a bit).

I recall evangelists coming to speak at our church when I was a young girl. At the end of service we’d all walk to the front for a quick prayer by the visitor. On two separate occasions I stood before evangelists and was told to have the gift of prophecydefprophecy. I was your typical young girl and in these moments I was overcome with embarrassment and couldn’t walk away fast enough. I knew I experienced stuff, but didn’t everyone? On another occasion when I was about 16 one visitor happened to be an old family friend and so she stayed with us while in town. The day she was leaving Mom told me she wanted to chat before heading out. Sitting there at the kitchen counter she stated the following; I had been given the gift of prophecy, would sing in church, write songs, birth two children, and as an adult counsel to abused neglected children. She said my gifts would offer great insight, enabling me to better help others. I would know things within logical thinking could not. In the years ahead all came to pass. Ok, so not the singing in church. Although I did come close to doing so, I was far to shy for that. The writing of songs turned out to be countless written poems. I did in fact counsel to troubled kids for many years and my heightened intuition was greatly beneficial, to say the least. So why do I share the above? Well, one clairvoyantdefmight say is similar to what many would describe as a psychic reading…hmm, I thought so too. Nevertheless, in the eyes of the church This is different.

Years Later…

When I was in my early 20’s my “awareness” kicked up a notch, so to speak. My roommate (and a kindred spirit) was killed in a motorcycle accident. I will write about this night in greater detail in a later entry, but that evening as he was leaving for work I had a strong premonition of what was to come. He sadly died that night.

Third-eye-image-3My third eye had become wide open during this time. I started receiving information constantly, accompanied with physical sensations. So understandably I wanted to know more! Why was this happening? What does it all mean? Where is it coming from? Books! I read lots of books and then I read some more. I also spoke with a wonderful woman on several occasions (spiritualist she called herself, she didn’t care much for the word psychic). She explained so much to me. This lovely, caring woman will always hold a special place or remembrance and love in my heart.

So there I was…reading one spiritual book after another. Finally, receiving some clarity on what I’d been experiencing throughout my life thus far. During this time I even went out and bought my very first deck…a rune deck to be exact. BUT remember I grew up Pentecostal. This is all a HUGE no, no! Fear entered. My mother’s words at the time also reinforced those feelings of fear. “The Bible says this, the Bible says that.” (btw, my mother is also very intuitive AND would interpret divine messages in church, but again that’s different :/ ) My response was always the same… But how can it come from an evil place? it just happened to me? I didn’t seek this out, I didn’t join some cult. I’ll tell you why…because it didn’t. discovering-your-spiritual-gifts-19-728 I’m not saying evil doesn’t exist or isn’t real. It most certainly is! Also, some choose to pull from the dark vs the light, but this wasn’t me. Truth – We are spiritual beings and are all meant to hold these gifts. It is through experiencing happiness, triumph, difficulty, sorrow, trials, and so on that we grow within each incarnation. All of which leads us towards fulfilling life’s True purpose…to evolve closer to the divine – spiritual enlightenment.


The fears and beliefs instilled in me as a child caused me to ignore my gifts for many years, even putting up blocks. But always I found myself back on a “spiritual” path. Why? Because it is MY inner truth, the path I’m meant to be on and part of my life purpose. It is what I’ve always felt and known…naturally.

So there it is…In spite of what some religious followers might believe, I’m inequitably not dancing with the devil, conversing with demonic spirits and certainly not damned to hell. I’m a Christian and a spiritual being. I feel more love, peace, and connection with the Holy spirit than ever before. I’m very thankful for my spiritual gifts given…to all of us.

For those with a different belief system; I believe everyone has there own path to b3e58d5de29598863923d61931993a4efollow…and should. It is not my place to convince otherwise or debate…and vise versa. It’s not so much the road to enlightenment that matters, it’s reaching the destination.


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