Are You an Empath?

GetFileAttachment-1Are you an empath? Maybe, and yet be completely unaware. It’s very common for empaths to have absolutely no idea they are one. The good news; nowadays there’s much awareness on the subject and one can receive a vast amount of info with a simple Google or YouTube search – which is great!…aaand not so great. Empaths carry many traits, so it’s also not uncommon for someone to think they’re an empath, when in fact not. Much of this is due to the countless number of articles now written on the subject (and yes, here’s another) or as one commenter noted, “One of the hardest things about being an empath is learning not everyone is.” Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s fantastic so much info is now available. Heck, having this knowledge 30 years ago whould have been beyond amazing to me. But what is an empath, and why are so many people across the world convinced they are one?empath def

What is an empath? Empaths are effected by other people’s energies, and have an innate ability to intuitively feel and perceive others.

Is there a difference between being an empath and having clairsentient? Yes, but many psychic gifts are learnable. If you already have the empath gift, to amplify your gift to include clairsentient traits is definitely possible. Not necessarily easy, but a lot easier than other psychic gifts.

“The main difference between an empath and clairsentient is that an empath generally only feels the emotions and energy of the people and the environment around them, whereby a clairsentient will have a good sense of what someone is thinking; they will feel if someone is in danger or pain, they may know if someone is dying or has died, they may sense when someone is watching them and they will also have a strong sense of what is going on in the environment even if they are far from the area,” explains Alex Myles, author of An Empath

In short, empaths feel other people’s “stuff” as if it’s their own. Many people will never know they are one because they find it difficult to distinguish between their own physical ailments, or thoughts and emotions, and those belonging to someone else. If unchecked, one consequence may be that your life is unconsciously influenced by others’ desires, wishes, thoughts, and moods. This is much more than being a highly sensitive person or being a very empathic person (having great empathy for others) and is not limited to emotions. 86f229d76ef7c40a6daa5cef7efe128f

Can anyone be an empath? Can it be developed? Many say no. You’re either born an empath or not. However, like other psychic abilities, no one is certain how or why these abilities exist, how they work, or why one person might have them while another doesn’t. Some people believe it’s a genetic transference since psychic abilities seem to run in families.

Mark Thurston, PhD, uses Edgar Cayce readings to explore how psychic abilities develop. Cayce’s readings suggested that psi abilities are the result of soul development through various incarnations and physical attunement. (btw, I highly suggest reading books surrounding Edgar Cayce)

My belief? – both are correct! Hu? Ironically enough this realization came to me as I was writing this very entry. I began typing, typing away about it. I then decided this is a whole other topic on its own and will be better served in a later entry. Don’t you just love those ah-ha moments of clarity though! 🙂

How do I know if I’m an empath? Empaths have many traits, and some believe types of empaths (emotional, physical, global and animal empaths). I’ve compiled a list of characteristics I feel to be key and hopefully you will find insightful.


  1. You feel other’s feelings even before they tell you how they are feeling.
  2. You can enter a room and sense a general mood of the environment.
  3. You can be in a happy mood and suddenly become sad, angry, etc., due to no thoughts of your own.
  4. Crowded places such as malls, sporting events, airports or other public places can be overwhelming, create high energy, and anxiety.
  5. You have very strong intuition. Your gut feelings nearly always prove to be right.
  6. You can easily tell when someone is lying. All you need to do is look at their face or listen to their tone of voice…you know instantly.
  7. You find it very difficult to lie. Even a white lie can be very unsettling.
  8. You cry often in sad movies or find it extremely disturbing to watch tragic events – you avoid this.
  9. Friends, family and even complete strangers gravitate towards you to unload their problems and pain. You feel compelled to always help, even to your own detriment.
  10. You are a good listener and enjoy helping others on a soul level.
  11. Upon meeting you for the first time, you often hear…It’s crazy, but I feel like I’ve known you forever.
  12. You have an intolerance for narcissists…anyone constantly put themselves before others and aren’t sensitive to the feelings of others.
  13. You have a history of falling into toxic relationships; codependent, mental abuse and/or physical abuse.
  14. You have been diagnosed with ADHD or even a mood disorder such as bi-polar. You may have a history of depression or anxiety attracts, and have taken medication to treat.
  15. You are more sensitive to stimulants/medications and caffeine.
  16. You are constantly fatigue.
  17. Prone to emotional overeating, smoking, alcohol or drug use.
  18. You get bored easily.
  19. You welcome alone time. In fact, you need it! You may be described as a bit of a loner.
  20. Your mind is never focusing on just one thing.
  21. Negativity overwhelms you. Raised voices, conflict, anger and drama sends you over the edge. You want no part of it.
  22. You frequently suffer from lower back pain and digestive problems.
  23. You are creative and imaginative.
  24. You are sensitive to sounds and sensory feelings – easily startled by loud noises, sudden sounds or movements. You feel overwhelmed by rough fabrics, bright lights, strong smells, and also notice very delicate smells.
  25. You feel a strong connection to animals and nature.
  26. Drawn to healing, holistic therapies, and metaphysics.
  27. Can appear shy, moody, disconnected.

From the list above you can probably see why so many may think they’re an empath. Of the many traits listed one could likely find several that resonate. Ok, then how do I know? YOU just know. Think back when you were a young child, preteen, teen. Do you see yourself even then in the above? Are you remembering your childhood and having one of those ah-ha moments? If so, and you strongly relate with the majority of the list (if not all)… indeed, you’re an empath.the skilled Empath

Some empaths feel it’s more of a curse than a blessing. However, I tend to lean towards the blessing side. empath2 Those who call it a curse is usually due to not having a full understanding on how to manage, shield and protect themselves. They are constantly battling with what’s considered the negative side effects of being an empath… and understandably so. I too long ago suffered from anxiety attacks, toxic relationships, and so on. This is definitely a much needed topic for discussion and I’ll surely write about in the future.

empath-listeningIf you are an empath – embrace it! And be thankful! You have a unique ability… a gift! To see through those who do not have your greatest good at heart, the ability to know just the right words to ease someone else’s pain and whos love and compassion is felt by others without even having to mutter a single word. Now tell me… who wouldn’t want that?



*This article is in no way meant to diagnose or replace seeking appropriate medical attention. If you are suffering from severe/frequent mood changes, social anxiety, attacks, depression, etc., please contact a professional in your area for a thorough evaluation.


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