The Magic of Synchronicity

The other day I was in the kitchen thinking…Hmm.. What should I write about first? Just as quickly as the thought entered my mind, I noticed (again) the time being exactly 11:11. Well, there it was…

What is synchronicity? Synchronicity is a concept, first explained by analytical psychologist Carl Jung, which holds that events are “meaningful coincidences” if they occur with no causal relationship yet seem to be meaningfully related.

We live in a world that is filled with magic, divine intelligence, spirit and perfect synchronicity – all we have to do is notice.

A little over a month ago my husband and I made some BIG changes. He quit his job to create a new business, and I closed my current business to jump onboard the new family biz. Starting a new business is exciting! But sometimes with that excitement also comes a bit of fear. Starting the new business put us under a bit of financial stress and in the beginning $$ just never seems to come in fast enough! Fear and anxiety started setting in…and fear from the small self can be very powerful.  Now I know the absolute worse thing one can do is speak or think negative thoughts. Therefore, I made all effort to push away those feelings of fear, keep my vibration lifted and speak words of great thanks…and feel thankful. Shortly after doing so, I began seeing 11:11 and 1:11 several times a week. IMG_2055-1000x600Each time I would also feel a message of…We are listening, we are here, we are helping, everything is going to be wonderful…all is as should be. This brings me such peace, feeling of love and excitement! Not only do I notice these numbers, but the amount of abundance we’ve been receiving is amazing! The business is flourishing and such an easy flow has occurred.

Numbers in synchronicity can be found anywhere – a clock, street signs, license plates, spoken, and so on. They can be spirit sending a message of love, expressing you’re following the right path, becoming more spiritually aligned, or the street address to that new house you’ve been searching for.

What do specific numbers mean? 408fe80cc97bcfdffc4e9732906c879cIf you do a google search on synchronicity with a specific pattern of numbers, you’re sure to get the meaning of those numbers. Although this can be helpful, I tend to suggest to look inside yourself…what do you feel they mean? I resonate a pattern of 1s as messages from my surrounding angels, guides and divine spirit. Spirit knows that which will resonate with you…they know us – even better than we consciously know ourselves. What is it you feel or what thoughts enter your mind upon seeing the numbers? – that’s message from spirit. Unfortunately, messages from spirit can often be very subtle. Trust is key – trusting the thoughts that enter your mind are not those of your own, but indeed the divine. Deciphering the difference and trusting will become easier and easier over time.

Seeing the numbers (specifically ) 11:11 is also a sign that you are following your true life path, a time of enlightment, and new beginnings, embarking on your true life purpose. This is an exciting time spiritually. Pay close attention to all you sense; feel, hear and see.

It is through trust and awareness that the magic of synchronicity unfolds.





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